Undergraduate Programs

Undergraduate programs from JECRC University are calibrated to present the students with highly intensive learning and Global Curricula that will open up a world of opportunities for them. With sessions led by industry professionals, and curricula designed to impart hands-on learning, our Bachelor's programs are designed to stay on top of the industry and the international educational standards. Going beyond the conventional education methodologies we keep your drive for learning alive with exclusive Global Curricula integrated Graduate programs.

Experience globally advanced learning with unrivalled educational achievements with JECRCU.

Beyond the Basics: Maximizing Your Education with a Major Minor

Embracing a major-minor combination empowers individuals to cultivate a comprehensive skill set, delving into an additional area of interest that complements their primary focus. This major-minor approach not only enriches knowledge and proficiency but also fosters versatility, making graduates more appealing to employers by showcasing a diverse educational foundation. A minor, in this context, serves as a testament to a well-rounded education, positioning individuals to excel in interdisciplinary roles and unlocking doors to varied career opportunities. Beyond professional advantages, pursuing a minor provides a gratifying avenue for personal fulfillment, enabling a deeper exploration of one's passion and interests.

UndergraduateProgram Offerings

JECRC University

Accredited by the BCI and UGC and approved by the Government of Rajasthan, the JECRC University is one of the most prestigious institutions in India for world-class quality education since 2012. Situated in Jaipur, Rajasthan, JECRC University offers a wide range of UG & PG programs, Globally Accredited programs, Research programs and Scientific Training facilities to its students to prepare them to be responsible citizens capable of meeting the demands of today's industry challenges.

JECRC University has partnered with ISDC – The International Skill Development Corporation to establish the International Centre of Excellence (ICoE).

ISDC (International Skill Development Corporation) is a leading International Provider for British Education and Skills. ISDC is working with many Universities and an excess of 25 Professional Bodies in the UK for their Market Expansion, TransNational Education and Growth. ISDC works with Universities and Higher Education Providers by Developing and Upgrading the Academic Degrees for the Future to Seek External Accreditations / Memberships / Qualifications along with the University Degrees.

ICoE was established to ensure that learners have a comprehensive understanding of the various global academic domains and certifications that are essential for them to stand out and meet the evolving industry standards.

Knowledge Partners

Rankings & Recognitions

Global Education

  • Future Ready Industry-Demand Specializations
  • Accreditation from Global Professional Bodies
  • Integrated Curriculum

Learning Methodology

  • Industry-Expert Faculties
  • Real-Time Case Studies
  • Student-Centred Learning Methodology

Career Assistance

  • 2000+* Career Opportunities every year
  • 97+ Elite Hiring Partners
  • 35% Women Placements

Placement Partners

Duration 3 YEARS
ELIGIBILITY:10/+2 passed from educational institutions recognized by the State or Central Government.
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